Medicine and Surgery

Dean: Prof. Antonio Gasbarrini

Enrolling in medicine at Università Cattolica means becoming part of an educational project of study and research that the University has been carrying out for more than fifty years, in order to shape doctors and operators able to combine professionalism, competence and human sensitivity,  therefore able to take care of others with warmth and passion, because - as Pope Benedict XVI said - "taking care of others is not a profession but a mission".

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The Faculty was established on the strong initiative of the founder of the University, Father Agostino Gemelli, and was founded in Rome according to the wishes of Pope Pius XI, who donated to the Giuseppe Toniolo Institute of Higher Studies the ownership of the land on which the first university buildings were erected, opened to students in 1961, and the connected Policlinico, operational since 1964.
Within the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery there are different types of Degree Programmes, with a diversified academic offer in the medical and healthcare field,  offering different specialization paths. The main teaching site is Rome, at Università Cattolica, but there are several parallel sites in other Italian cities and regions.
This Faculty provides modern technical and scientific equipment, but above all it allows to benefit from the close connection with the Policlinico "A. Gemelli", a university hospital with more than 1500 places considering admissions and day hospital, able to provide tens of thousands of health services in the Emergency Room every year and more than 9 million total health services in general, including clinic servives: those who enroll at Università Cattolica have the unique opportunity not only to study medicine, but to 'live it'.
In addition to the more traditiona lectures - with professors/lecturers of recognised international scientific level - there are also internship activities, in-depth studies (conferences, seminars, ad hoc projects), computer and multimedia sessions, as well as specialist workshops.