Dean: Prof. Antonella OcchinoDean: Prof. Antonella Occhino

The Faculty of Economics is addressed to those who believe that with daily commitment and passion they can build up solid competence, to those who believe they have potential to put into play, to those who want to engage for themselves and for others in the society in which they live. Studying Economics at Università Cattolica means reflecting responsibly on the meaning of economics and its aims, it means building a finance closer to the real economy, able to provide answers to the environmental and social challenges of our time, it means bringing people back to their main responsibility, that is help and direct energy to development.

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Rigour and value are the principles that identify the Faculty of Economics of Università Cattolica

Development is not in itself guaranteed by impersonal and automatic forces, but it needs people like you who drive it by living the call of the common good, building those structural roots necessary to make it lasting, balanced, inclusive. Studying Economics at Università Cattolica means building skills involving prudence and courage: the prudence with which one engages in dialogue, the courage with which one acts.
Righteousness, transparency and the search for good results make the economic act also moral and guide all of us towards a possible development, supported by professional preparation and coherence of actions. We are committed to training professionals who will be able to combine individual and collective responsibility with competencein the future. Competence which to us means quality and completeness of programmes, high scientific value of professors/lecturers and teaching, rooted in a historical and famous tradition which has contributed to increasing the solid reputation of one of the best economic Faculties at an international level.
The courses of the Faculty of Economics are based on a solid base of fundamental teachings, generally common to all the courses in the first two years of the three-year period, integrated, in the study plans, with the more specific and characteristic teachings of the third year.
The aim is to provide basic skills, on which to build with freedom and awareness one's own course of study. The academic offer also includes an evening course, thus widening the possibilities of access to studies also to those who already have work commitments.
At the Milan campus, the Faculty is divided into five degree courses, each of which has different profiles, designed taking into account the needs of reality and of the labour market, among which students can choose according to their interests, aspirations and inclinations. The undergraduate degree programme in Economics and Service Management is active at the Rome campus. This is an educational project resultingfrom the collaboration between the Faculties of Economics and the faculty of Medicine and Surgery which, with the annexed hospital Policlinico Universitario "A. Gemelli" and, thanks to the connection between scientific activity and research, guarantees a high level of preparation. The course of study proposes a combination of skills unique in the Italian panorama, consisting of a base of economic preparation and management content for companies and healthcare.