Gender Equality Plan

Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore has implemented the Gender Equality Plan that underpins the University’s core values, stated in Article 10 of its Statute: “Università Cattolica is a community of Professors, administrative and technical staff and students inspired by respect for fundamental human rights and personal and collective freedoms, together with principles of solidarity”. These same values have been reaffirmed by the Code of Ethics. 

Accordingly, the University has implemented a long-term strategy aimed at addressing gender equality throughout the entire academic community, at instigating structural changes within the organisation and at closing gender gaps to tackle all forms of discrimination.  

As stipulated in the Gender Equality Plan, these actions are applicable to the entire academic community - students, professors, technical/administrative staff and stakeholders - and will address the work-life balance, gender disparity in top positions and in HRM, gender integration in research and teaching programmes, and discrimination prevention in the workplace.