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The main responsibility of the faculties is to promote and organise the teaching of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs, Specializing Master’s programs, Specialization Diploma programs, as well as other teaching activities as set out by law and by the university statutes and ordinances. The faculties work with the university departments in the organisation of research doctorate programmes.

Faculty Deans

Faculty Deans are elected by full professors for a term of four academic years. No dean may serve more than two consecutive terms. All full professors eligible by law may be elected.

The Dean convenes and chairs the Faculty Board, oversees compliance with legislation, and with the university's statutes and regulations, and ensures the orderly administration of teaching activities within the relevant faculty, with the support of the chairs of any existing Boards for degree programmes, diploma programmes and study paths

The serving Deans of Faculty are:

  • prof. Stefano Solimano - Faculty of Law
  • prof. Antonella Occhino - Faculty of Economics
  • prof. Andrea Canova - Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
  • prof. Domenico Simeone - Faculty of Education
  • prof. Marco Trevisan- Faculty of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences
  • prof. Antonio Gasbarrini - Faculty of Medicine and Surgery «A. Gemelli»
  • prof. Maurizio Paolini - Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences
  • prof.ssa Elena Beccalli - Faculty of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences
  • prof. Giovanni Gobber - Faculty of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures
  • prof. Alessandro Antonietti - Faculty of Psychology
  • prof. Guido Merzoni - Faculty of Political and Social Sciences
  • prof.ssa Anna Maria Fellegara - Faculty of Economics and Law (Piacenza Campus)

Faculty Board

The Faculty Board consists of all full professors, research fellow representatives, adjunct professors, and student representatives.
The Faculty Board plans the development of teaching activity, organizes and coordinates the running of such activity and proposes changes to be made to the teaching regulations, as provided by the university's statutes.

Degree, Diploma and Study Path Councils

The Degree, Diploma and Study Path Councils are made up of professors teaching on the courses or study paths involved, research fellow representatives and student representatives. The responsibilities of the Councils extend to the management, organisation and promotion of teaching activity as set out by law, by the university's statutes and teaching regulations, or as delegated by the Faculty Boards.
Chairs are elected by the Councils from among the full professors (first band) on each Council, or full professors (second band) in the absence thereof.