Governance and Bodies of the University


Rector in office: Franco Anelli | 02 7234.2222

The Rector is responsible for the following functions:

General Rectorate Secretariat, institutional projects and alumni
Ilenia Pagani | 02 7234.2288

Support to the University Evaluation Team*
Gerardo Ferrari | 02 7234.2320

Activities of central governing bodies*
Romolo De Angelis | 02 7234.3699 / 3713

* with functional reporting to the General Management

The General Manager, appointed by the Board of Directors upon proposal of the Rector, is the head of the University's administrative organisation; he/she coordinates and directs the University's organisational system for the full implementation of the objectives, priorities, programmes and initiatives established by the Central Bodies, and is also responsible for compliance with the laws and regulations, as well as for the other functions assigned to him/her by the University's Articles of Association and Internal Regulations.

General Manager in office: Paolo Nusiner | 02 7234.2241 / 2213

Deputy General Management
Deputy General Manager in office: Alessandro Tuzzi | 02 7234.3686

To this also the following function pertains:

  • Organisational system, Innovation and special projects

Ilaria Iannaccone | 02 7234.3686


The following structures are part of the General Management:

The Campus Managers ensure the coordination of the relevant areas and services; they are responsible for the functioning of the local management and the achievement of the objectives assigned within the general guidelines and coordination lines for which the General Manager is responsible and as established by the Board of Directors.
The Campus Managers are identified by the Board of Directors of UCSC, for the purposes of compliance with Legislative Decree no. 81/2008 as amended and supplemented (so-called Consolidation Act on Health and Safety in the Workplace), as employers of the relevant Head Offices, and they also perform, pursuant to EU Regulation 2016/679 (so-called GDPR), together with the General Manager for their respective areas of competence, the functions of data controller.

Milan Campus Manager
Mario Gatti | 02 7234.3770

To this management area also the following function pertains:

Technical and Logistics
Luciano Ratti | 02 7234.2243

Brescia Campus Manager
Giovanni Panzeri | 030 2406.286

Piacenza-Cremona Campus Manager
Mauro Balordi | 0523 599.122

Rome Campus Manager
Lorenzo Cecchi | 06 3015.4311 / 4472

International Development Area Manager
Edilio Mazzoleni | 02 7234.5811

Research and Development Area Manager
Mario Gatti | 02 7234.3770

To this management area also the following functions pertain:

Postgraduate training & Research partnership
Roberto Brambilla | 02 7234.5235

Guido Castelli | 02 7234.5812

Internship and Placement
Mauro Balordi | 0523 599.320

Organization and Development of Academic Systems
Michele Faldi | 02 7234.7330

To this area also the following function pertain:

Student Career and Services Management
Gabriele Montoli | 02 7234.7330

Giovanni Panzeri | 02 7234.4012

Compliance and Security Services Support
Fabrizio Vicentini | 02 7234.2933

Alessandro Zaccuri | 02 7234.2216

Accounting, Finance and Management Control
Alessandro Tuzzi, ad interim | 02 7234.2256

Finance, Insurance, Contracts and Legal Affairs
Marcello Dall'Aglio | 02 7234.5368

Relations with cultural and territorial institutions Università Cattolica and Istituto Toniolo
Ernesto Preziosi | 02 7234.3994

Human Resources
Marzia Benelli | 02 7234.2318

Information systems
Giuliano Pozza | 02 7234.8400