Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Dean: Prof. Maurizio Paolini

Those who choose to enrol in the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences do not want to remain on the surface, but prefer to get to the bottom of things: the desire and passion to understand and deepen their knowledge are the fundamental characteristics of this faculty and of those who choose to join it, taking a rather challenging path full of stimuli and opportunities.

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Galileo said that "the universe is written in mathematical language". It is a wonderful mystery
that makes mathematics the ideal tool for understanding the world
Maurizio Paolini, Dean of the Faculty of Mathematical, Physical and Natural Sciences

Founded in 1971 with the aim of training teachers, today the Faculty can offer its students a much broader perspective and the possibility of making important study and research experiences in the best European and non-European universities.
The increasingly strong connection with the world of work makes it a path full of stimuli, suitable for those who not only love numbers and theorems, but also want to learn –such as Niccolò Tartaglia, the famous mathematician from Brescia who lived in the 16th century - to use them as a cognitive tool to understand the reality around them.
Physics and Mathematics, as well as contributing since ancient times to the cultural heritage of mankind, have had, and are still having, an impressive increase in applications in everyday life, for example in the medical-biological and economic fields, or in environmental protection, thanks to the unprecedented progress of Information Technology. The understanding of these disciplines is today not only a key to interpreting reality, but is fundamental for those who want a solid and long-lasting knowledge and, above all, a mindset suitable for rationalising problems and the necessary skills to solve them.