Economics and Law

Dean: Prof. Anna Maria Fellegara

The Faculty offers distinct and independent degree courses in Economics and in Law, but also offers some highly interdisciplinary courses. Students can choose their degree programme and customise their study plan with the aim of developing general and basic skills, combining them with those that will meet their needs most in time, but always within a wide choice that is strongly demanded by the labour market.

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In a society that is profoundly changing, more and more solid economic skills are required. Our faculty is fully aware of this and is strongly committed to training qualified graduates able to successfully face the professional challenges of work. On the campus of Piacenza and Cremona young people can look to the future with confidence and serenity.
Anna Maria Fellegara, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Law

Università Cattolica of Piacenza and Cremona, whose foundation stone was laid on 30th October 1949 by the then President of the Republic Luigi Einaudi, in addition to having a deep-rooted relationship with the national and international productive world, dedicates particular attention to the distinctiveness and differentiation of training courses in the Economy
. In particular, this attention is achieved through innovative didactics aimed at actively involving students with the aim of helping them to understand contemporary reality in depth and to deal with different cultures, on the one hand, and on the other to encourage their integration into the world of work.
The geographical, scholastic origin of the students of Economics of the Campuses of Piacenza and Cremona is very heterogeneous and this heterogeneity, besides representing a great cultural richness, is a great stimulus to the comparison and exchange of different experiences.
The values that inspire university life in the Campuses of Piacenza and Cremona are those of seriousness of study, merit, "teamwork", sharing, solidarity, research, discussion and passion for excellence.
These are Campuses where it is possible to conciliate the quality of study with the quality of life.
The economic class degree programmes and courses aim to develop managerial and professional skills in the areas of administration, strategy, marketing and sales management, finance, human resources management.
The legal class degree programmes and courses are structured in such a way as to offer qualified training to access the legal professions and the world of business, institutions, international organisations and associations.