Faculty of: Education

Pedagogical planning and human resources training


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM-50 (Development and management of education services)

Graduated students, through multidisciplinary preparation, find employment in the field:

  • socio-educational;
  • human resources development;
  • guidance and vocational training;
  • teaching and research;
  • consulting and supervision for institutions, companies and training agencies;
  • educational design on a local scale and in an international perspective.

Our graduates are able to enter and grow professionally in organisational contexts (profit, non-profit and public administration) such as:

  • l experts in pedagogical design;
  • pedagogical coordinators;
  • training managers;
  • educational consultants for public and private organisations;
  • managers and project managers of training and cultural interventions (conception, design, implementation and evaluation);
  • human resource managers in corporate settings;
  • inter-institutional coordinators between public and private social areas;
  • experts in the evaluation of training interventions and socio-educational services;
  • vocational training teachers and staff training courses;
  • responsible for personnel management in the public administration.