Faculty of: Economics, Medicine And Surgery

Management of services


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian English

Degree classes LM-77 (Management)

The Faculty of Economics participates with its own teaching, organisational and research resources, together with the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery, in the activation of this inter-faculty graduate degree programme, whose teaching venue is Rome.

Course aims

The degree programme in Management of Services offers in-depth training at an advanced level, related to the development of professional skills related to functional responsibilities of an administrative, managerial, financial and work organisation nature in institutions and companies in the service sector. The course also offers specific training with reference to the organisations operating in the health sector, thanks to the integration of the knowledge present in the Faculties of Economics and "A. Gemelli" Medicine and Surgery. The following 
competences, knowledge and skills are specific training objectives: 

  • advanced knowledge about new and emerging problems of business management in the service sector, characterised by intense dynamics of both competition and organisational change as well as strategic reorientation, and on the associated solutions that favour an integrated view of these problems; specific competences are offered with reference to complex organisations in the extended health sector.
  • ability to manage interpersonal relationships with both superiors colleagues and subordinates, so as to bring the student closer as much as possible to the interand intra-organisational dynamics that characterise practically all companies or other private and public organisations, regardless of size and structure, always favouring an international, intercultural and difference perspective in general;
  • advanced methodological skills strictly linked to both socio-organisational business variables and governance variables the latter referring specifically to the possibility of holding - in perspective -- positions of responsibility in the administration and governance of private and public companies in the service sector; in particular, the behavioural variables that enable and/or facilitate a rapid and effective introduction into the world of work are addressed;
  • professional and cultural knowledge, appropriately balanced both in functional and procedural logic, enabling to carry out activities as experts and consultants as well as entrepreneurs and managers in the industrial and service sectors, both public and private.