Faculty of: Linguistic Sciences And Foreign Literatures

Linguistic scencies


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 3 years

Language Italian

Degree classes L-12 (Applied languages)

The programme in a nutshell

Knowing languages: the passport in a society open to intercultural relations

The programme is divided into four profiles, which combine the three-year teaching of the two chosen languages with a cycle of specific examinations for each curriculum.‘Languages for Business' and 'Languages for Management and Tourism' include economic and business disciplines; 'Languages, Communication, Media' and 'Foreign Languages and Literatures' provide space for courses related to history, literature and communication.

Teaching methodology

Lectures are only one component of the curriculum: seminars, practical sessions, workshops and internships enrich the offering and promote integration between the language and vocational areas.

What next? Entering the job with the most demanded requirement

The language skills acquired during the three years will be the starting point in the construction of the career path. Choosing one of the profiles proposed by the Faculty means becoming a professional capable of working in a variety of contexts: companies, regional, national or international institutions, companies in the tourism sector, operators in the world of communication, organisations active in the literary/editorial field.


The programme course in Linguistic Sciences has a fundamental linguistic core on which diversified curricula are grafted, aimed at responding to the demand for professional figures with a linguistic profile who have developed a solid competence in at least two European languages or, in some cases, a European language and a non-European language, from a scientific, literary and/or historical-cultural point of view, a competence that can be used in the economic-business, legal and political spheres.
Lectures, thematic seminars, tutorials, laboratories, internships and work placements also encourage dialogue among the various disciplines and a more harmonious integration of the purely linguistic area with the more specifically professional ones