Faculty of: Economics And Law

Innovation and digital entrepreneurship


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM-77 (Management)

The new LM-77 graduate programme in "Innovation and Digital Entrepreneurship" intends to train professional figures increasingly required by the labour market, due to the strong development of the Digital Economy:

  • the manager of innovation projects in digital enterprises (Innovation Manager)
  • the Digital Transformation Expert
  • the Digital Entrepreneur, founder of innovative start-ups.

The first peculiar characteristic of this programme is the training of graduate students through the contamination of all the heterogeneous areas of knowledge necessary to create, manage, and develop businesses in the digital economy, combining them through two generative processes: the innovation process and the entrepreneurial process.

 A second feature of this graduate programme is that students will also be involved already from the first year of studies in a constant process of "learning by doing", thanks to the organic collaboration with a pool of innovative companies and the IT sector that from the first semester will offer participants to the programme a series of integrative activities - on campus and in the company - such as:

  • workshops and seminars on technological topics;
  • (individual and group)project work;
  • business games;
  • mentoring by managers and entrepreneurs;
  • internships and micro-internships;
  • hackathons and business challenges on real problems;
  • possibility of periods of incubation for ideas and start-ups.

In addition, the programme foresees company visits, meetings with experts and educational and training collaborations with leading companies in the digital economy, with incubators and organisations belonging to the national and international eco-system of digital innovation.

This systematic collaboration with digital enterprises will offer students opportunities to develop the soft skills necessary to operate effectively in organisations as well as those useful for founding and leading new enterprises.