Faculty of: Medicine And Surgery

Health professions of rehabilitation sciences

ROME-Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian

Degree classes LM/SNT2 (Health professions for rehabilitation)


The graduate programme in Health professions of rehabilitation sciences aims to provide a training path that enables the graduate to:

  • coordinate and/or manage simple and complex organisations using tools and measures for planning, human resource management, accounting in business economy; manage work groups and apply appropriate strategies to foster multiprofessional and organisational integration processes;
  • learn research methodologies collaborate in projects aimed at the continuous improvement of rehabilitation activities; collaborate with the care team to implement and develop protocols and guidelines;
  • participate in the planning and management of educational activities in the context of lifelong learning for rehabilitation professionals; plan and implement, in cooperation with other professionals, educational and support interventions for the individual and the community for the self-management and control


The competences of graduates in the class include:

  • applying the basic knowledge of the sciences relevant to the specific professional figure needed to make decisions relating to the organisation and management of health services provided by personnel with rehabilitation functions in the medical area, within health facilities of low, medium or high complexity;
  • using the skills of health economics and business organisation necessary for the organisation of health services, for the management of available human and technological resources, evaluating the cost/benefit ratio;
  • Using the methods and tools of research in the area of the organisation of health services relevant to the professions of the class, in the areas of clinical care, organisation and training;
  • applying and evaluate the impact of different theoretical models in the operation of the organisation and management of health services;
  • design and implement training measures for refresher and continuing education for the relevant health structures;
  • developing disciplinary teaching, relevant to the specific professional figure, in basic and supplementary training, and the mentoring and coordination activities of the traineeship;
  • communicating clearly on organisational and health issues with staff and users;
  • critically analysing the ethical and deontological aspects of the professions in the health area, also in a perspective of multi-professional integration.

Take part in internships in accredited services (Service Directorates, Training Services, Research Centres). Teaching within the different scientific-disciplinary areas will be carried out with:

  • face-to-face lectures
  • theoretical and practical exercises;
  • LAB Activities
  • Internship: the internship can be carried out at Faculty facilities, public and private health agencies. Internships may be organised at other Italian or foreign universities, in accordance with the agreements stipulated in Italy and international exchange projects;
  • seminars on the various disciplines.