Faculty of: Banking, Finance And Insurance Sciences, Linguistic Sciences And Foreign Literatures

European studies in investor relations financial communication


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language English

Degree classes LM-90 (European studies)

The School of Banking, Finance and Insurance Sciences, together with the Faculty of Linguistic Sciences and Foreign Literatures and the Faculty of Communication, Culture and Society of the University of Lugano, is participating with its own teaching, organisational and research resources in the launch of this inter-faculty and inter-university graduate degree programme.


The graduate degree programme in European Studies in Investor Relations and Financial Communication aims to train graduates with advanced methodological, cultural and professional knowledge of institutional communication and external relations in the banking and financial sector; this knowledge enables the graduate to develop solutions, including original ones, that make understanding effective and crosscultural dialogue efficient, between the various public (European institutions and authorities, member states and non-EU states, etc.) andprivate (banks, insurance companies, financial intermediaries, institutional investors and consulting firms) interlocutors, with regard to institutional, regulatory, economic, financialand cultural issues emerging from the European scenario.
The educational system of the degree programme is specifically designed to meet the above-mentioned requirements by promoting an educational pathway in which synergies arise from the integration of four thematic areas: the regulatory and institutional context of the European Union in the economic and financial sphere and the dynamics between European institutions and their EU and non-EU counterparts; economic-financial competences, especially in the fields of banking and financial intermediaries in the European Union; the linguistic and cultural dimension of the interlocutors; institutional communication profiles and argumentative methods in context.