Faculty of: Economics, Arts And Philosophy

Economics and management of art, culture and entertainment


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian English

Degree classes LM-76 (Environmental and cultural economics)

The Graduate degree programme aims to train professionals with managerial and executive tasks to be employed in both the fields of arts, architecture, music, entertainment and cultural heritage, as well as in the fields of economics and management, aimed at the organisation and management of cultural events.
Within the framework of these companies, the graduate will be able to:

  • preside over senior management or some individual functional areas; among the latter, in particular, strategic analysis, commercial activities, marketing, human resources management of cultural and entertainment companies;
  • coordinate the team of experts and technicians who regulate all promotion operations for the development and maintenance of a product, cultural service or event on the market;
  • implement the company's commercial policies;
  • intervene in all business processes, having competence over the overall management of the company;
  • supervise and manage the company's management control, formulating operational solutions to the strategic top management;
  • ensure that expenditure is consistent with budget forecasts by carrying out value-for-money calculations, analysis of variances, budgeting and reporting.

The graduate will also be able to work as:

  • self-employed consultant or within companies operating in the specific sector of business consultancy of various kinds (strategic, financial, organisational) for cultural organisations, with the prospect of access to top positions;
  • self-employed entrepreneur in the different sectors of the economy of art, culture and entertainment;
  • operator in the management of museums and exhibitions with the following different qualifications: administrative and financial manager; secretariat manager; press office manager; press and media relations manager, public relation manager;
  • responsible for development: fund raising, promotion and marketing; responsible for website; event curator; responsible for auction houses;
  • operator in the management of entertainment companies and events with the following different qualifications: artisticdirector; theatre organiser; agent theatrical, musical and literary; orchestral tour manager; record manager; press office manager for festivals and music and theatre organisations; communications manager for festivals and music and theatre organisations.