Faculty of: Economics, Arts And Philosophy

Economics and management of art, culture and entertainment


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language Italian English

Degree classes LM-76 (Environmental and cultural economics)

The Faculty of Economics participates with its own teaching, organisational and research resources, together with the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy, in the activation of this inter-faculty Graduate degree programme.

Course aims

The Graduate degree programme in Economics and Management of Art, Culture and Entertainment has the following specific educational objectives:

  • the acquisition of specialist skills in the field of business management and in particular with regard to companies operating in the cultural and entertainment sector;
  • the acquisition of specialist skills in the field of economic science methodologies, for the analysis of territorial systems and for the design of plans and programmes, with particular reference to the cultural and entertainment sectors, in the field of territorial economic development;
  • he ability to navigate the legal systems of European countries with regard to the cultural and entertainment sectors;
  • the ability to propose management and institutional innovations aimed at achieving greater economic efficiency for institutions and enterprises in the cultural heritage and activities sector;
  • he ability to propose innovations to the Italian legal system, in particular in the field of culture and entertainment;
  • the acquisition of knowledge, skills and methodologies for analysis and planning of activities and services in the field of protection, enhancement, promotion of cultural heritage and entertainment activities;
  • development of analytical skills and participation in decision-making processes concerning the governance of institutions and companies operating in the field of cultural goods and activities;
  • he development of the capacity to reconcile economic culture with artistic and humanistic culture, the culture of public institutions with that of business;
  • ability to acquire, analyse, process and use qualitative and quantitative information and data useful for the analysis of the market and the activities of enterprises operating in the cultural goods and activities sector;
  • specialist skills in financial management and fund-raising activities of enterprises in the cultural heritage and entertainment sector;
  • fluent use - both in oral and written form - of English and of a second foreign language of the European Union, in addition to Italian, with mastery of the specific vocabulary of economics, law, art and culture.

The Graduate degree programme in Economics and Management of Art, Culture and Entertainment aims to provide students with advanced training in the management of companies operating in the culture and entertainment sector, both nationally and internationally. By combining the knowledge of the specificities of the cultural and entertainment sector with the more general skills linked to management, organisation and survey, as well as to the legal aspects of the sector, the aim of the course is to train students to play a professional role in the management of public and private companies in the sector, as well as in ancillary, service and consultancy companies.
For the training of an international professional profile, able to understand and contribute to the sector of culture management both in Italy and abroad, an English language profile 'Management and Topics in Arts Management' (MaTAM) has been activated.