Faculty Psychology, Agriculture, Food And Environmental Sciences

Consumer behaviour: psychology applied to food, health and environment


Academic Year 2023/2024

Duration 2 years

Language English

Degree Classes LM-51 (Psychology)


The International Master's Degree in 'Consumer Behaviour: Psychology Applied to Food, Health and Environment' aims to train psychologists who are experts in understanding and modifying health behaviour, lifestyles and consumer behaviour.

A distinctive feature of the Master's degree will be the integrated view of the psycho-social and contextual processes that orient and determine the behavioural choices of individuals and their communities from a One Health perspective.


The graduate will be able to work in prevention, clinical and rehabilitation, social communication, and business consulting contexts primarily engaged in understanding and modifying health-risk behaviours, lifestyles and consumption behaviours.

Thus, graduates will acquire the basic knowledge and vocabulary necessary to converse with health and social care professionals, food technologists, nutrition experts, scientists and policy makers, marketing experts engaged in health promotion, nutrition, and the promotion of sustainability.

Furthermore, students will acquire advanced methodological skills related to qualitative and quantitative research, as well as to the management and interpretation of "big data" for conducting intelligence initiatives on consumption and health behaviour.